IdentiCell Results

Within 10 business days we provide a STR profile report per e-mail containing the analysis data for nine loci indicated as allele sizes.

Data are evaluated using the Online STR analysis provided by DSMZ (German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures) or the ATCC STR Database for Human Cell Lines.
Your results are compared with existing STR profiles from known cell lines thus allowing the identification of your cell line.

If you do not want us to compare your samples with existing STR profiles, you will not have to indicate the identity or origin of the cell lines you submit for testing.

We do test human cell lines only. If you suspect inter-species cross-contamination, typically with rodent cell lines, test your cell lines with a multiplex PCR-based assay.
Intra-species contamination as low as 1%-5% will be picked up by IdentiCell.

Please contact us, if you need further information to evaluate your data.